Thursday 27 March 2014

Burning the blackthorn after hedge laying

We now have piles of thorn bush trimmings to burn  following the hedge laying process. It really is nasty stuff. The thorns can easily pierce shoes, jackets and thin gloves. If the thorn penetrate your skin they can often cause a septic wound unless you remove them and cleanse the wound.  I use some rawhide welding gloves and wear heavy boots when moving the stuff. It takes awhile for the thorn to ignite, you need quite a fierce and large fire running to get the process started, but once it is going you have to work hard to feed the fire with thorn branches.

The picture below is me working in the orchard a couple of weeks ago burning some of the earlier batches of thorn wood. I'm using my trusty Sheen X300 flame gun to get the process started.

Burning thorn bush trimmings left from hedge laying

The sapling behind me is Alder which was growing wild like a weed on the land following the earlier dumping, we are removing them. The american cowboy hat is merely to protect my shiny head from the sun and the thorns.

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