Thursday 22 May 2014

Phew - grass grows quickly!!

I had an afternoon of hard work using a brush cutter  to trim back some of the grass and weeds to make it look as though the site was not abandoned. I'd left the site alone for a while while I was letting a pulled arm muscle recover, but the grass and wild flowers/weeds took advantage of my absence. They've grown thigh high in places. I burned up a couple of litres of two-stroke petrol to achieve the result.

The hedges which were re-laid in the spring are doing quite well, though there are a few dead patches where we'll have to re-plant hedging. Most of the fruit trees are growing well tough we are a bit concerned with one of the plums which appears to have had a poor start. The walnut tree is a bit slow to leaf.

Edit 23/05/14: A small disaster struck today when I was using the Kawasaki Brush Cutter (KBH27) which we purchased back in Sept 2013 for the site. I was using it on long grass when something broke inside it. The motor runs but the blade doesn't turn. I've checked it out but can see nothing wrong. It is time to ship it back to the dealer.

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