Sunday 27 July 2014

Turnditch Orchard Barbecue Sauce

I threw together a barbecue sauce for a BBQ in the orchard today. It was gorgeous, so I must record it before I forget the details.

3 English mustard sachets 
4 Tomato Ketchup sachets
1 glup of Rapeseed Oil
1 glup of Sherry Vinegar
5 shakes of  Lee & Perrins Worcester sauce
1 sachet of Golden Syrup Maple
1 pinch of Cumin powder
2 sachets of salt
1 sachet of ground black pepper
1 half tube of tomato puree
1 small glass of cloudy pear juice
1 half palm full of dried mixed herbs
1 half palm full of demerara sugar

Place all in a glass bowl and sloosh it around with a fork until the sugar and golden syrup have dissolved. and you are ready to go. Use it as a marinade, or coat  with the sauce the meat just before barbecuing slowly.

For the purpose of this recipe; sachets means those small ones designed for catering/cafe dining tables.

We're building an Ugly Drum Smoker (UDS) from a used 50 gallon steel barrel. The UDS will see service in the orchard as we use it to slowly cook pork shoulder, pork ribs and beef brisket over charcoal. In this context slow means several hours. The sauce will help to add flavour to the food.

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