Tuesday 19 January 2016

Planning woodland work at the Orchard

We've finally reached the point where we can start work on managing the woodland at the side of the orchard. There is about one third of an acre of trees which have grown up unmanaged in any way in the past twenty years or so. It is mostly a mix of Ash and Hawthorn, though there are other species. They are too congested and need some culling to provide some diversity. Some of the trees overhang the road and some overhang the railway line, we'll have to proceed carefully with those trees.

We don't want to clear fell the whole area as this could lead to soil instability on the embankment leading up to the rail bridge. So we'll have a rolling three year programme of selective felling. The tree stumps will be left in place to encourage regrowth in a coppice environment.  We now have a couple more volunteers who are going to help in this work. Passers-by may notice we have selected and marked several trees in preparation for the winches and chain saws. The felling work will be technically challenging as most of the trees lean at an angle.

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