Saturday 6 February 2016

Timber! Felling some trees in the Orchard

We had a break in the weather and were able to start the process of managing the woodland at the side of the Turnditch Orchard Project. We don't want to clear fell the woodland on the embankment as this might risk a collapse. We've decided to create groves of open areas where the larger tree are cut down to their base to encourage coppice re-growth of the Ash trees. In a few years the areas we've clear will regrow around the stumps. Meanwhile we'll also clear the undergrowth and overcrowding by small thorn bushes. 

The volunteers took away two lard trailer loads of Ash logs to be seasoned for their log burning stoves. However the soft muddy state of the ground after the winter rains gave the driver of the 4x4 some problems in pulling the heavy trailer. We now have some deep tyre ruts in the orchard. No doubt those will disappear over the next couple of years.

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