Sunday 25 September 2016

Malvern Autumn Show

We took some time away from the orchard to visit the Malvern Autumn Show. My wife wanted to see the plants and animals. I wanted to see the varieties of rare apples and pears grown in that part of the country to get some ideas for the next trees in the Turnditch orchard. We had a great time and came away full of ideas. It is a big show and we took about 5 hours walking around including a couple of trips back to our car to offload purchases.

I'm thinking we can plant for cider apple trees and some perry pear trees. It might be interesting to make some cider in a few years time.

My countryside upbringing came to the fore as I was able to identify the parts of the vintage tractors on show. Sadly though I didn't see any of the old paraffin tractor engines, they stick in my memory as my boyhood farmer friends used to let me start the paraffin engine on their old tractor.

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