Tuesday 12 December 2017

Our gate grows legs.

We turned up on the orchard site in Turnditch to give our dogs a run and to collect some ivy, rose hips and branches to use for Christmas decoration.  As I arrived I noticed our old 12 foot steel gate was missing  from the inner gateway.  The roadside gate was still intact, but the old gate which weighs about 40 Kg was no longer in sight. 

A little searching around found the gate in a neighbouring field where "persons unknown" had chosen to relocate and repurpose the gate.  I promptly liberated the gate and returned it to its proper position in our orchard. Being a charitable sort of a guy I've presumed that some workers misunderstood the ownership of the land and its artefacts.

The old gate is now firmly chained to a steel post. This might help people understand that it is private property and not available for alternative purposes. If they need to contact us to discuss such desires they can use the phone number posted by our entrance gate.

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