Monday, 8 June 2020

The Orchard is on Hold

Given the Covid-19 Lockdown regulations and the need for our own protective self-isolation we've not put much time into maintaining the orchard over the past few months.

We did manage to undertake a brief visit and found a lot of damage to the fruit and nut trees. Over-winter floods and late spring frosts have wreaked extensive damage. I also noticed some "die-back" disease in some of the Ash trees.  While we've not abandoned the project, it is almost like we'll have to start again from the beginning. 

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  1. Good Evening, I had just come across your orchard blog, I have noticed the orchard at the bottom of Turnditch for the past few years and often wondered whose slice of paradise it was. I am also based in Turnditch and am really passionate about fruit trees, I too have been lucky enough to establish an orchard, after reading you were having some trouble I thought I would make contact to say I had some orders for bare rooted trees for this coming season straight from the nursery, I didnt know if you may like to add to the order to replace any lost trees. I also thought I would just let you know about a pressing service I will be offering this year for apples and pears to be bottled for your year round enjoyment, it may be of interest to deal with the autumn glut. It would be great to maybe see the orchard one day and have a look at your varieties. Kind regards.


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