Sunday 15 October 2023

Careful with your coffee!

 Today, I was standing at the roadside gate to the orchard, facing inwards, as a "white van" drove past on the A517. The passenger in the van thought it would be hilarous to throw his MacDonald's cup of coffee at my back and shout insults as they drove past me.

I don't supposed they'd noticed that I was engaged in filming a video on my GoPro camera at the time. The video caught the image of the coffee cup just missing me, though some of the coffee splashed me. I swung the camera in time to catch an excellent 4K video image of the rear of the van, including its registration plate as it drove on to Turnditch.  A copy of the video, including GPS data and timestamp, complete with the offending coffee cup in a protective clear plastic bag, has been passed to the police with a complaint of assault.

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