Sunday 8 May 2016

Tidier orchard

We've just given the orchard it's first grass cut of the season. The quality of the grass is improving with a lot less weed than previous years, but it had grown a bit too tall. The weather was rather hot and we had to drink a lot (plain water !) to keep hydrated.  The field trimmer worked well despite giving us a bit of a scare earlier in the week when large cloudss of dense white smoke came out from the engine. After some investigation we realised we'd over-filled the oil sump in the engine, when we serviced it, and this had been picked up by the piston when we were attacking a slope. The dip stick for the engine oil is easy to misread.

We also did some weeding around the base of the trees and some of the herbs.  It was hard work overall but quite enjoyable in the current spell of fine weather. Our thoughts go to the volunteer team who are tucked away in their home revising for school exams.

Most of the trees are looking healthy with the exception of the Queen Cox Apple. I don't think it has survived the winter and the poor soil in the place we planted it. You live and learn. Our new Medlar planted earlier this year is doing well.

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