Wednesday 8 June 2016

Return from holiday - unpleasant surprise

We returned from a short holiday to discover the chain locking the gate of the Turnditch Orchard had been cut again. Once again bolt croppers had been used to cut out a section of the chain locking the gate. Whoever did this had tried to hide their handiwork, but in effect the road gate had been left unlocked. We'd left the old chain in place, pending replacement of the road gate. The chain is relatively thin galvanised mild steel and fairly feeble from a security viewpoint.. We'd inherited that chain from the previous owners. We've now replaced the gate chain with a much stronger, thicker, hardened steel chain.  This an initial temporary measure until the new gates are installed.

This will be of concerned to the angling club who use our gate as their "daisy chain" lock has gone missing. It will doubtless worry the neighbouring farmer who clearly been doing some work with his sheep in the adjoining field over the past couple of days. Our gate is the only real locked barrier between the road and his herd of sheep. If gates were left open the sheep might stray and cause damage or be injured/lost/stolen.

As before the criminal activities will be reported to the police.

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