Wednesday 1 June 2016

Sam builds a ladder.

One of the volunteers working with basic tools in the orchard site, built a ladder from pieces of fencing timber. It is now installed on the river bank to allow safe access to the River Ecclesbourne. The ladder, which is about 8ft (2.4M) tall, is intended to help anyone working in the river to gain safe access.

Sam completes the ladder.
Sam adds the final bolts to attach the rungs.
The ladder stands on the river bed and is firmly attached to a riverside tree stump to prevent it from being washed away in the winter storms. The timber is pre-treated to resist rotting. Nearby a recently installed gate allows secure access  to the ladder through the riverside fence. The ladder is robust, needing two people to carry it.

Sam is the first person to test the ladder he built.

We've also installed a dog gate in the field gate to the adjoining fields. The simple wooden latch is designed to allow operation from both sides of the gate. Let's hope people remember to close it and latch it properly after letting their dog through.

Turnditch Orchard dog gate

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