Wednesday 1 January 2014

Bullace Gin

We mentioned earlier our creation of a Bullace Gin using wild fruits gathered from the orchard site. It is very similar to Sloe Gin and is simple to make. The taste is vary "moreish" and it was a popular Christmas gift to family and friends. We had made a couple of litres of this nectar made from local fruit. We even had enough to reward the local butcher with a quarter bottle for his excellent service during the year.

The process of making the Bullace Gin is straight forward. You simply fill one or more large wide necked bottles half full with the fruit, add some demerara sugar using a funnel then top up the bottle with Gin. Seal the bottles.  Leave them in a cool dark room for a few months, agitating the bottles a couple of times a week. Just before Christmas decant the liquid contents into smaller clean bottles and voilĂ  you have a great drink to share with other adults. It is a deceptively strongly alcoholic drink, so remember to warn people who might be driving afterwards. 

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