Saturday, 4 January 2014

Stung in Farm and Builder's Mechant. (720% overcharge)

Ironic that I was praising Lester Lowe (Kniveton Ashbourne)  in a previous posting. They just charged me £15.12 for 2 boxes of fire lighters. These would cost about a £1 a box in the supermarket. I'd popped in to buy a post knocker this morning and while I was waiting in the queue to pay I noticed fire lighters on a nearby shelf. I remembered we needed some at home so I picked up a couple of boxes then paid in cash at the till. You can see a copy of the invoice here. I did think  at the time the bill was a bit high, but I was in a rush. It was not until we got home I realised I'd been grossly overcharged.

I've since phoned them and said I'll bring the invoice in for a refund next time I'm in the area. The correct price was £1 (ex VAT) per box.

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