Wednesday 22 January 2014

Roadside fence completed.

The contractor (Red Hill Fencing) visited the field yesterday and installed the new roadside stock fence at the top of the embankment. We'd chosen a lightweight fence wire as it is not likely to need to resist any heavy animals. Red Hill have done a really good job and we are very pleased with the result. Now there no chance of animals straying on to the embankment from the road. There's a strand wire fence at the foot of the embankment which prevents large animals from straying from the field.

New fence at the Turnditch Orchard site.
Over the next few years we'll regrow the hedgerow behind the stock fence using typical Derbyshire hedgerow trees and shrubs. Much of the old wood will be cleared during the coppicing process. When the hedge has regrown we'll have it re-layed in a traditional style removing the stock fence when it's secure. This was an cost unanticipated when we purchased the site, but is necessary for safety's sake. We'd thought the hedge was in better condition  than it really was.

We already had a positive comment from one of the neighbours who was pleased he could walk along the roadside foot path unimpeded. The clearance work by us and the contractor means people no longer have to step into the road.

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