Sunday 9 October 2016

Insurance for the Orchard

We've decided it is about time we had some insurance for the orchard. We'll be starting that process this week. As usual it is more complex than we first thought. The following are all factors which affect the risk assessment of our particular site:

  • Location and size
  • What crops/animals are produced on site
  • Types of activities engaged in on the site
  • Are there bodies of water/rivers
  • Is the land fenced or hedged
  • Is there public access or rights of way
  • Are there volunteers/workers
  • What type of machinery is used
  • Is there woodland
  • Are there buildings
We already have some insurance cover through our existing public liability and employers insurance, but it would be get something properly tailored for the job.

Edit, later same day:

One of the conditions on one of the quotes is that we have lifesaving equipment on the river bank. This "river" is about 4 metres wide and is less than 30 cm deep. Sometimes in the winter in flood conditions the water can be a couple of metres deep and fast flowing, but typically this is approx three weeks of the year. Should we buy a lifesaving buoy like one of these? I can see that type of thing being a target for vandalism.

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