Sunday 23 October 2016

Restoring the flora at the orchard

We're going to take some steps to restore the wildflowers at the orchard site. 

It the areas where we have previously thinned out the woodland on the embankment we are planning to plant some wildflower on the south facing slopes. We'll clear away the undergrowth around the remaining trees and coppice points during the winter

We'll be purchasing seed from a specialist nursery called Emorsgate Seeds for woodland and hedgerow flowers. This planting will take place in the Spring 2017.  We'll also plant a large patch of wild teasel and some Fullers Teasel as a great food source for pollinator insects and as a source of seed feed for finches in the late summer/autumn.

Wild teasel
The teasel growth will be part of our long term crop harvesting strategy. The heads retail at approximately 20 pence each.

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